Even though competitor’s don’t really have much info into what Apple are releasing this year they are still pretty worried it’s going to be the next iPhone moment but in the form of Smart glasses, but better in every which way compared to their competitors like Snap, Facebook and Google.

Competitors are worried about Apple's forthcoming Smart Glasses.

CES 2022 wasn’t quite the washout that was expected due to COVID, there were noticeable companies missing but that didn’t stop everyone. As per usual many of the products were displaying futuristic technology. Cars that change colour for example, as well as your own personal robot butler where just a couple of the items displayed at CES.

You have probably heard of VR and AR right? VR (Virtual Reality) are headsets that completely surround your peripheral viewing and display a computer image all around you. AR (Augment Reality) are pretty much the opposite where glasses will show you (amazingly) the outside world but super impose an image that will appear to be overlayed right in-front of your eyes. Apple are rumored to be creating their very own AR Smart Glasses, and possibly entering the VR game as well.

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